Our Program Culture

Passion. Respect. Integrity. Development. Effort.


Kennedy Girls Soccer Program, A Culture of PRIDE.

At Kennedy Girls Soccer, we strive to play a creative, possession-style game based on player development.

At the heart of our team style is PRIDE, seen not only in daily training during our short season together, but in the choices and efforts each individual student athlete owns daily, each day of the year.

Learning to embrace a possession style game provides the groundwork for many life lessons our student athletes will carry on with them years beyond their time as an Eagle: creativity, critical thinking, patience, timing, adaptability, awareness, opportunity, ownership, support, and striving for excellence.

Our Coaches believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn and grow. They will challenge you to learn and expand your comfort zone to become the best version of you that you are willing to work towards.

Your coaches and your teammates believe in you, and care enough that they will hold you accountable.
Take PRIDE in the work you and your teammates are putting into each new moment and day. Go Eagles!

B-Squad Team Culture

On our B-Squad, Team Culture lays the groundwork for future years in our program with a focus on passion-building through playful technical development, and a deeper understanding of the Beautiful Game.

P = Passion

R = Respect

I = Integrity

D = Development

E = Effort

JV Team Culture

JV Team Culture builds upon B-Squad, plus:

P = Passion + Potential

R = Respect + Responsibility

I = Integrity + Individual-Best-Self

D = Development + Driven

E = Effort + Empathy

Varsity Team Culture

Varsity Team Culture embraces our Program Culture, builds upon both B-Squad and JV, and is further defined by striving for:

P = Passion + Potential > Possession-style game

R = Respect + Responsibility > Resilience

I = Integrity + Individual-Best-Self > Inspiration

D = Development + Driven > Dynamic

E = Effort + Empathy > Encouragement